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Our culture is hard to put into words, but you will feel it when you enter the door. GAGUA.COM is the place where we listen, share, spend time to enjoy the journey, and the place where we succeed.

Our Services

Advertising Strategy

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Higher awareness of your brand leads to increased purchases, awareness and customer loyalty. Visibility goals are great for increasing reach and impressions, which is ideal for brand awareness campaigns.

Design Increase Engagement

How can you tell if users actually like your posts? Measuring engagement through shares, comments, likes and retweets can help you understand what content works best. It also allows your brand get the conversation going with users

Marketing, Lead Generation

Many brands use paid social advertising to attract potential customers. This is ideal for brands wanting to promote indoor content or other resources that can help users invest more in your brand. This could be a multi-step campaign, as you can target these invested users to the next ad. It also helps bring perspectives to your funnel.

Online Technology

Online stores have a variety of social advertising options that help sell products and services. Brands can test paid advertisements to see interest in the product or help close deals to increase sales. It is also ideal for brands launching new product features.


By now, you should have chosen a clear advertising goal – the next solution? It’s time to choose which social networking platforms you will use for your ad campaigns. There are many advantages to using one network over another. However, you should understand that every business has its own unique reasons for moving on certain platforms.


Photo, Audio & Video

Special audio environments or professional commercials recorded in our studio.

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.

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