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We are professional business developers specialized in branding, web development and events marketing. If you've got an exciting project, get in touch with me!

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Gagua Group

Gagua Group is renowned for its integrated marketing, producing consistent results for its clients. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, .

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Gagua is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with a proven record of success in business development .

with a team of seasoned experts in Web Design, Marketing & Promotions, Management & Operations and Corporate & Special Events..

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Renowned for its integrated

Marketing & Promotions

marketing, producing consistent results for its clients

Management & Operations


Best consumer experience while balancing the bottom line.

Corporate & Special Events

Special Occasions

Let Gagua Group handle your next Corporate and Special Events.

Content Management

Web Design Solutions

Designs, web hosting and develops a customized website.

We do love our Clients

Found in virtually every industry, promotions managers lead teams of specialists in coordinating the promotion of a new business or product. Promotions managers accomplish this through direct contact with merchants, distributors and clientele using a variety of communication methods, such as television, radio, mail and the Internet in order to create a desirable image for the promotions manager's product.

Corporate & Special Events

Let Gagua Group handle your next event.

Management & Operations

Gagua Group focuses on creating the best possible consumer experience.

Marketing & Promotions

Gagua Group is renowned for its integrated marketing,


Arbat Hall

Arbat Banquet Hall, with 350+ icons

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Unique Coming Soon Page, with countdown

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Create exquisite charts using HTML5 canvas

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Several layout examples to demo versatility

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