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Royal Pingdom website in one place has gathered statistics on the Internet in 2011. How many accounts, e-mail? How many web sites? How much was paid for the most expensive domain name?


If it’s stats you want, you’ve come to the right place. Very clearly you will see an increase, if we compare statistics of two years.


Info 2011 2010
The number of email accounts worldwide 3.146 billion 2.9 billion
Percentage of worldwide email traffic that was spam 71% 89.1%


  2011 2010
Number of websites 555 million 255 million
Added websites 300 million 21.4 million

 Internet users

  2011 2010
Internet users worldwide

 2.1 billion

 1.97 billion

 Internet users in Asia

 922.2 million  

  825.1 million 

 Internet users in Europe  476.2 million   475.1 million
 Internet users in North America

271.1 million

266.2 million 

Internet users in Latin America / Caribbean

215.9 million

204.7 million 

Internet users in Africa

118.6 million

110.9 million

Internet users in the Middle East

68.6 million

63.2 million

Internet users in Oceania / Australia

21.3 million

21.3 million

Number of fixed (wired) broadband subscriptions worldwide

591 million


 Domain names

  2011 2010
Number of .com domain names at the end of  year

 95.5 million 

 88.8 million 

 Number of .net domain names at the end of year  13.8 million 
 13.2 million
Number of .org domains names


 9.3 million

  8.6 million

Number of country code top-level domains (.CN, .UK, .DE, etc.)

  86.9 million  

  79.2 million 


   $2.6 million – The price for, the most expensive domain name sold in 2011.  7% – The increase in domain names since the year before.
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