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Polish blackout against ACTA is visible

Although the Polish protest against ACTA services was not well coordinated, it must be regarded as successful. His website has modified (or simply added information) several popular and large web sites, as well as a significant number of smaller ones.

After the online strikes against the "Sopa" the idea of a Polish "blackout" against ACTA. It was probably thanks to the Wikimedia Poland Association spokesman, who suggested that Wikipedia will protest in this way.

The larger sites have changed much:, JoeMonster, Some websites have not changed the color to black, but changed their appearance (eg, OSNews, Unofficial statistics show that participate in the protests already 800 websites.

The Polish Government remained silent for years about ACTA, and now it is difficult to admit. Minister of Culture said that the consultations were, but in fact the information on this subject received only a narrow group of people.

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